About us


The mixed choir of Pécs, the Mecsek Choir was established in 1957, and has had an important role in the musical life of Pécs ever since. Sacral and secular works from different periods of coral literature are part of the repertoire of the Mecsek Choir. The group, now with 50 members, is conducted by Attila Kertész, a conductor with the Liszt-award. Thanks to his work, the choir has got many international first prizes (Cantonigros, Olomeuc, Budapest, Trnava), spacial awards and professional recognition (KÓTA award, Special Award of the Hungarian Kodály Company). In 2010 the Mecsek Choir was an active participant of the „Pécs2010 European Capital of Culture” program series, and took part at the opening ceremony of the Kodály Centre. The choir is often on stage with great oratorios (Orff: Carmina Burana, Kodály: Budavári Te Deum, Missa Brevis, Psalmus Hungaricus, Beethoven: IX. Symphony). The Mecsek Choir celebrates the 55. jubilee of its existence this year. The musical career and the excellent success of the group are due to four signed conductors. Initially Dr. József Hegyi (1957-1965), later Aurél Tillai (1965-1987), then Ernő Nagy (1987-2001). The present conductor of the choir is Attila Kertész. For his excellent achievement in the high level of vocal culture he got the Liszt-award in 2005, KÓTA award in 2007, Artisjus award in 2008, and Kodály Zoltán Cultural Award in 2009. The female members of the Mecsek Choir are the Mecsek Female Choir. It has been active since 2001 and enriches the repertoire of the group with female works. Our choir has not only been an amateur singer-group for the last 57 years, but a community, where to belong is a very good feeling.